1000 meters of street food, Muslim Street, Xi’an, China

In the three years since I quit drinking, I’ve traveled to dozens of places without relying on alcohol. No margaritas to celebrate a tropical arrival.  And no desperate glasses of wine to numb my travel frustrations. In fact, I’m getting pretty good at sober travel and, for the most part, I rarely struggle while abroad.  That is until I escorted my mother to China on a two-week bucket list trip for her 70th birthday.

One night, towards the end of our trip, I staggered to my hotel room in Beijing; the stress and exhaustion taking me completely off-guard.  Thoughts I hadn’t had in years bubbled up.

“What if I went down to the bar for a drink?”

“I wonder if could have just one glass of wine.”

For a few minutes, I stewed on the unfairness of not being able to smoke or drink. Then I pulled the covers over my head, bunkering down until the self-pity storm passed. (That’s the trick to staying sober, I’ve found—keeping the faith that the storm will always pass.)

Traveling in Asia for two weeks with a parent is about as advanced sober travel can get—negotiating 15-hour flights, engrained family dynamics, unfamiliar customs, and oh my goodness, the crowds. It was also a pivotal experience—a first trip to the Far East for both of us, and one that both my mom and I will look back on fondly for the rest of our lives.

But I was humbled by how easily, with this specific combination of stressors, I found myself debating if I should drink.



Aberdeen Fishing Village, Hong Kong

I’m grateful that I had the practice of less intense sober travel, so I was able to fall back on habits that had kept me on track up to this point.

After returning from China, I published an article with the online travel publication Matador Network—Sober travel: How not to fall apart without your routine & support system.

If you’ve recently quit drinking, I hope you’ll check out the Matador article for ideas on how to stay on track when you’re abroad.

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