Sober travel blogs and other fun resources

Sober travel blogs and other fun resources

There are approximately 98,000 sober blogs out there now (give or take).  I think that’s awesome! Following other peoples’ journeys when you’re teetering around on your newly sober Bambi legs is super helpful.  There are even a few other sober travel blogs out there, for which I want to provide you with the links. If I haven’t covered the topic, maybe one of these fine people have. Also, I’ve included a few sober travel agencies and tour groups which may have a blog associated with them.  I have zero affiliation with anybody, I’m just a master of the Google-fu and am sharing my resources for those who might be lazier.  You’re welcome. 😉

Sober Travel Blogs

Parisian on Purpose: Not really focused on sobriety or travel, but the author and journalist Robert J. Hughes, who splits his time between Paris and NYC, reflects on his Not Drinking in France, and other aspects of French life and culture.

The Sober Senorita: Kelly Fitzgerald Junco blogged about her journey getting sober in Cancun and now she’s writing a book!

Traveling Wild Woman: I just discovered Shannon Whaley, and I love her style, cool tattoos, and the message about storytelling and entrepreneurship.

Nomadic Notes: I stumbled across James Clark’s blog last year when I found his post about his life as a non-drinking traveler. He’s currently based in Vietnam.

Be My Travel Muse: Kristin is a solo female traveler, who also doesn’t drink.  Yay!

Sober Trips & Retreats

Travel Sober: A sober travel tour company; upcoming trips include Hawaii, Greece, and Mexico.

Sober Outside: Started by  Brooke, who wanted to travel with like-minded sober peeps.

Recovery Elevator: I’m a huge fan of Paul’s podcast; he puts on meetups and retreats several times a year.

She Recovers:  The recovery movement has an annual conference as well as retreats both in the US and abroad.

General Articles on Sober Travel

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