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How to travel in France and not drink?

An excellent question. Before I really quit drinking, I found myself traveling through Spain with 10 days under my belt, only to be undone when I crossed the border into France. Within hours, I found myself ordering wine at a cafe in Biarritz. I couldn't wrap my head...

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Sober travel: How not to fall apart without your routine & support system

With nearly three years passed since I quit drinking, I’ve traveled to dozens of places without relying on alcohol. No margaritas to celebrate my arrival somewhere balmy.  And no desperate glasses of wine to numb my travel frustrations. In fact, I’m getting pretty good at sober travel and for the most part I rarely struggle while abroad.  That was until a recent two-week trip to China. With my mom. :/

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Your first sober business trip: How not to f*ck it up

First, a story from the vault Years ago, I traveled to San Antonio to speak at a conference attended by thousands of children. I wasn't even trying to quit drinking at the time; this was not a sober business trip. In fact, it was more like Game On.  Unencumbered by...

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Sober travel with your in-laws

A few of my most awkward travel memories involved extended family. Because,well...in-laws! When I drank, the weird dynamic became even more difficult to navigate. How do you remain hospitable while wanting to hide with a bottle of wine? How many drinks is too many...

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How to stay sober in an airport

There's something about air travel that triggers a massive personality change in me.  Healthy lifestyle habits and good intentions are abandoned and before I'm even airborne I'm scarfing pretzel-wrapped hot dogs while wiping my hands on the pages of a US Weekly. I've...

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hello there!

I’m Claire. Why are traveling and drinking so often intertwined? When I quit drinking in 2016, I wondered, could travel be the same? Good news—it’s even better. I promise.  Go to the About page to learn more about me or start getting your travel inspiration on here.